This current issue of “Children’s Readings” (issue #12) is dedicated to the centennial of the 1917 Russian Revolution. The articles that comprise this volume concern various questions of revolutionary history and provide highlights to the status and impact that the revolutionary events of 1917 made on the history of children’s literature in Russia. We have invited scholars to consider the following questions: Did a rupture in literary tradition occur in the year 1917? If it did occur, then how was it manifested and in what way did it proceed?; Is it possible to propose a model not based on conflict for the changes occurring in children’s literature in the 1910s and 1920s?; Did any forgotten experiments in children’s literature from the beginning of the 1910s reappear under new historical circumstances?; How did modernism and the avant‑garde shape children’s literature of the 1910s–1920s?; Was the revolution a reason for the gradual crowding out of modernism in the 1920s?; What were the reasons for the fate of the avant‑garde in Soviet children’s literature?
Опубликован: 2017-05-22

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